Get to Composite Layup Faster with Patented Infiltrated Sand 

Whether low-cost prototyping or premium production tools, our layup molds delivers complex geometries durable enough to withstand the temperatures and pressures of autoclave with a low CTE and fast turnaround time.

X1 Layup: Fast, Streamlined, Sustainable Tooling 3D Printed in Sand


The future of layup tooling is here. If you’re looking to advance product development and streamline production timelines, X1 Layup provides  large-scale, tooling for layup molds, form tools, and jigs and fixtures on demand.

Accelerate innovation with the design freedom of additive manufacturing and eliminate the long lead times and high costs of traditional machining by creating complex tools with sand binder jet 3D printing. We use a patented process of 3D design, infiltration, and coating to produce sand forms tailored to the stability and durability requirements of a variety of tooling applications. Highly accurate, X1 Layup tools can be machined to the tightest tolerances and surface finishes. 

With a low CTE that performs comparable to aluminum and stainless steel, X1 Layup tools have been tested to withstand the temperatures and pressures associated with the production of industrial composite components over multiple cycles. 

X1 Layup tools are produced in the United States and without the waste of milling swarf or international shipping logistics.  

Infiltrated sand from ExOne is a cost-effective tooling solution with fast turnarounds. Our innovative sand binder jetting systems create unique geometries for innovative tooling that allows you to iterate quickly and test functional prototypes to improve products that get to market faster and cheaper. 


  • Rapid turnarounds with fast and cost-effective binder jet 3D printing
  • Design freedom to create streamlined geometries and incorporate mounting or venting features
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (12 ppm/°F)
  • Durable surface coatings
  • Tolerances +/- 0.030” or better with machining
  • Service temperatures up to 300° F

Let ExOne 3D Print Your Layup Tooling

As a full-service tooling provider, ExOne works with customers every step of the way from tool design guidelines to printing and coating all the way through quality control.

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